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It’s been little over two weeks since I arrived at Vida Asana and I feel like there’s already too much stories to tell. I found this place on the worldwide web looking for volunteer possibilities in February. It caught my attention since it seemed to be combining many things I am passionate about: yoga, surf, healthy organic food and permaculture in an ecolodge near Playa Hermosa, Jacó. Sounds pretty amazing right? Well, it is.

Ever since I finished the permaculture course I’ve been dreaming about having my own farm where all the different aspects of a holistic healthy life will harmoniously flow into one another. Yoga, organic homegrown food, natural medicine, solar energy, rainwater harvesting,… Dreaming big! I feel super lucky to have ended up here at Vida Asana to experience what life is like in a place like that. The owners, Sean en Jessica, are a pair of extremely beautiful souls who moved to Costa Rica two years ago when they were expecting their little princess Julep (Juju). It’s inspiring to see how they took the leap together, made their dream reality and still aspire for more every single day.

I am grateful for all the learning opportunities they’ve given me so far. Making a weekly menu for a fully booked yoga retreat, for example. Vegan, gluten free, sugar free and organic whenever possible; for more than 20 people: a challenge! Star recipe of the past two weeks?  I’d say the cacao-avocado mousse, with avocados, bananas, raw cacao powder, vanilla, cinnamon, a little bit of honey and a pinch of salt. Delicioso!


I also helped with some gardening, we planted coconut trees, orange, mandarin, yuca and vetiver. It’s interesting to try to work with the climate on this side of Costa Rica which is so different from the humid tropics at the Caribbean side… Definitely much harder to grow stuff since it’s super dry one half of the year and then super wet the other. But it’s beautiful to watch how nature always finds new ways to adapt and survive.

I even got to teach yoga a couple of times, subbing for the regular teachers. A wonderful experience in their beautiful jungle yoga shala!

To make life here even sweeter there’s home delivered coconut water and coconut meat (which Sean turns into fresh coconut cream). Then there are the two daily essentials that Sean takes very seriously: top notch coffee (seriously good stuff!) and cleaner than clean water filtered on the spot with reverse osmosis technology.
Every thursday there is a cute organic market in our street, and the feria in town on fridays also has some organic goodness.


In my spare time I hike up the mountain behind Vida Asana, go surfing at Jaco beach or just relax and watch the pros show how it’s done at Playa Hermosa.
Too bad I only have one month here, needless to say I wouldn’t mind staying a little bit longer! But, after this there’s only more exciting good things to come since I’m headed to La Fortuna to volunteer at Medicines From the Edge, a conference on plant medicine. I wanted to go there two years ago when I was in Costa Rica but didn’t make it, excited to attend this time! It will be the perfect closing to yet another magical chapter in my book of travels…

We can become inspired to shape a higher, more ideal future, and when we do, miracles happen.

(quoting James Redfield, author of the magnificent books The Celestine Prophecy, The Tenth Insight, The Secret of Shambala and The Twelfth Insight.)

Thank you Sean and Jessica, Vida Asana is absolutely miraculous.



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