Natural medicine

I remember being halfway my eight-month trip through South America more than four years ago and carrying a medicine case carefully prepared by my mother. Like any sweet, caring, overly-worried mom would do, she made sure to pack everything for any kind of disease or incident.

As my trip proceeded, I left behind or gave away all the stuff I didn’t need. It felt relieving to only carry the bare necessities in my backpack. So at some point, I left the medicine case at a couchsurfer’s house on an island in South Chili, only taking out a couple of ’emergency’ things. For the non-serious issues it was so much more interesting to ask local people about traditional cures. Two months later I also stopped taking the pill, because it felt weird to keep putting strange hormones in my body every day… I wanted to go back to my natural cycle. Back to natural health.

That was the start of an interesting journey that ended in an online plant medicine course the next year, and later a herbalist training in Belgium. Through my travels and many farm stays I discovered the beauty of living off the land and going back to nature. Including our own nature, like the animal instinct we’ve lost over the course of time telling us what our bodies need. Unfortunately I haven’t recovered that instinct (yet!) but I’ve learned a lot in the last couple of years… I’m no biologist or botanist, not even a plant expert, just an enthusiast who loves sharing her passion.

Ever since that switch at the end of my South America trip, I’ve been blessed to have not needed modern medicine. Unless you’re seriously ill, a lot of things can be cured (or prevented) by eating the right diet and using the right herbs or plants. The problem is, most people want a quick cure. They want to take a magic pill and carry on with their busy lives. Cause let’s face it, who has the time to be sick? Doesn’t it always come at the worst possible timing? Few people want to stop and listen to what their body is trying to tell them. Instead they go for the quick cure that might silence the symptoms but doesn’t always treats their cause…

Like everything in life, it’s all about balance. In many cases we’re lucky to benefit from the amazing progress science has made over the past few decades. But if you ask me, we’ve gotten too much out of touch with nature. Nothing in nature blooms all year round, there’s a constant cycle between seasons, decay and rebirth, activity and rest. We’re a part of it as much as animals or plants are, so how can we expect to be on top of our game all day, every day, the entire year? The more we can go back to a natural rhythm, a natural diet and a natural way of life, the less we will be dependent on other stuff to keep us going – coffee, sugar, pills…  and more coffee 😉

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