Sugar scrubs

One Christmas holiday, my parents went skiing and I was the assigned house- and petsitter. I took advantage to clear out their kitchen cupboards of everything they really shouldn’t be eating. Just a little encouragement for healthy new year resolutions, you know…

Amongst other things I found a lot of white sugar. So I researched ways of using sugar other than eating it. The worldwide web inspired me to start making sugar scrubs. The perfect solution, I could finish all the sugar jars and replace them with healthier alternatives, and I had cute homemade presents to hand out!


Simple: sugar and oil. Mix until you have the right consistency, not too dry, not too creamy.
I prefer using sunflower oil because of the neutral scent.
Olive oil is an option too.
Sweet almond oil is wonderful for the skin.
I added in some salt for the hand and foot scrubs to get a more grainy texture for the rougher skin.


Add dried herbs (lavender, rosemary, rose petals, green tea, chamomile, …) according to what you want to use the scrub for.
For example, green tea and rosemary for an invigorating morning shower. Lavender and rose petals for a relaxing evening shower.
Add a few drops of essential oil for a nice scent. Be careful with these, they are very concentrated and some people can have allergic reactions (dilute a drop in some sunflower oil and test it on the inside of your elbow).


Gently scrub in the shower and rinse off with water. Not more than once a week. For facial scrubs keep it mild and avoid essential oils – you don’t want those in your eyes!

Do surf the web for inspiration, there are cacao scrubs, coffee scrubs, chai scrubs, mojito scrubs, … Possibilities are endless!

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