Green resolutions

Since I launched my website, several people have asked me for advice on how to live a greener life. Of course there are a lot of different changes you can make, and you can choose to take it one small step at a time, or go for the big radical all-or-nothing U-turn. Anyhow, here’s a list of the things I try to take into account on a daily basis:


When your diet is locally sourced, organically produced, seasonal and plant-based, your environmental footprint will decrease significantly. If going vegan or vegetarian is too much, try skipping meat or fish on weekdays, for example. And when you do eat meat or fish, make sure you know where it’s coming from… Same goes for cheese, milk, butter and eggs.

Read more about your foodprint in this blog post.


Try producing the least amount of waste possible. I hardly ever shop at regular supermarkets anymore because the amount of plastic wrapping sickens me. Going zero-waste is not as hard as it seems and there are plenty of people out there sharing their zero-waste life hacks. Just by investing in a couple of reusable items, you can cut back on a lot of plastics.


From clothes to cosmetics and electronics, always try to make a conscious choice. Haste makes waste – you usually buy crappy stuff when you’re in a hurry. So next time, take your time. Do some research. Ask around. And in the first place, consider whether you really need more ‘stuff’.

I added a selection of stores to my post on conscious consumers.


I know it’s tempting to say yes to every cheap plane ticket to the sun, but that’s obviously not gonna help the cause. I try to only fly once a year (so sometimes I stay 8 months ha), knowing that it’s still one time too much… In daily life I mostly bike, walk, take public transport or carpool.


This one should be redundant because I know we’ve all heard it a million times… But don’t be careless with electricity and water.

Plant trees

Last but not least: respect nature, start a garden, plant trees. Go green, literally. I mean, more trees means more clean air and having your own organic garden means more healthy food and more healthy soil. Simple as that.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, green 2018! 

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