Herb pancakes // Kruidkoeken

My dad always tells me stories about his grandma making pancakes each spring with seasonal plants. She called them ‘kruidkoeken’, herb pancakes. A few generations ago it was so normal to eat seasonal and use the plants that surrounded you. We’ve lost that knowledge and tradition over the past decades… But it’s never too late to bring it back!

The traditional recipe is with dandelion, yarrow and tansy but you can make variations with stinging nettle, pansies, common daisies, … Basically any herbs or edible plants of the season.
Before I share the recipe, be sure to only use those plants of which you are 100% sure they are edible. If you’re not sure, don’t eat it. You wouldn’t want to get sick – or worse.
(If you want to learn more about wild edible plants, check out Forest To Plate.)

Basic recipe

For the pancakes:

  • Flour: buckwheat, spelt, chickpea, oat, rice, or teff flour.
  • Milk or water: I use plant based milk, oat, almond, rice, …
  • Egg

Then I add some plants to the mixture and keep some (flowers) apart as topping. You can also pour the mixture into your pan and then add the plants.

The version on the picture has:

  • Stinging nettle
  • Dandelion flowers (the leaves get very bitter once the flowers start blooming)
  • Pansies
  • Cuckoo flowers
  • Hairy vetch

You could make one with only edible flowers, or one with only stinging nettles, one with wild garlic leaves, possibilities are endless.

Make sure to use a proper frying pan and good oil – I prefer olive oil or coconut oil.
Can be eaten salty or sweet!



Voor het deeg:

  • Bloem: boekweit, spelt, kikkererwt, haver, rijst of teff meel.
  • Melk of water: ik gebruik plantaardige melk, haver, amandel, rijst, …
  • Ei

Ik voeg wat planten toe aan het deeg en hou er een paar apart als afwerking. Je kan ook eerst het deeg in de pan doen en dan de plantjes erbovenop leggen.

De versie op de foto bevat:

  • Brandnetel
  • Paardenbloemen (de bladeren worden heel bitter eens de bloemen open staan)
  • Viooltjes
  • Pinksterbloemen
  • Wikke

Je kan er maken met enkel eetbare bloemen, met enkel brandnetel, met daslook bladeren, de mogelijkheden zijn eindeloos.

Gebruik een goede pan en kwaliteitsolie, ik gebruik liefst olijfolie of kokosolie.
Kan als zoute of zoete pannenkoek gegeten worden.


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