Hi there!

I’m Tineke (or Tina internationally), a nature-loving yogini from Belgium.
Wanderfulwild was the name of my latest travel blog (if you’re curious it’s still here). Now it is a platform to share the many things I am passionate about. 

First there’s my wanderlust: the desire to explore, to discover, to venture out into the unknown.
Then there’s the wild part, in the sense of an untamed, natural state of being.
Put together they curiously wander into the adventures of a life closer to nature, closer to our true nature. 

My approach is a holistic one, going from yoga and plant medicine to organic gardening, natural food, and zero-waste living. Because I believe small changes in our everyday existence can make a big difference for both ourselves and the planet.

I hope you join me on this journey back to our roots.