Not all those who wander are lost

I’m sitting in the airport in San José, ready to fly back to Los Angeles in an hour. After every trip I get amazed about how fast time can go… Coming back to Costa Rica made me think a lot about my trip here two years ago and all the things that have happened since then.A lot of seeds were planted in 2014, it was definitely a life-changing journey. I feel those seeds have been slowly growing, thriving in good times and surviving through the bad. Coming back has been a major boost for everything that was meant to flourish in my life, and a confirmation that it’s OK to let go of the things that are not working.

My last week couldn’t have been more perfect. I came back from volunteering at Vida Asana, full of love and gratitude. After a short touchdown in San José I continued to the mountains and volcanos north of the capital, a zone I hadn’t explored yet. Near Aguas Zarcas, in a beautiful hotel called Termales del Bosque, Sarah Wu and Stephen Brooks – an extraordinary couple, the heart and soul of Punta Mona and organizers of Envision Festival – hosted Medicines from the Edge for the third time. A conference on natural medicine that unites students and teachers from different parts of the world and from different traditions, with one thing in common: a love for nature, for plants, for herbs, for natural remedies, for alternative healing. A shared passion that united the 200 people attending the conference in a way that is hard to put to words. Three days of workshops, classes, tastings, conversations, healing, connecting, learning, sharing, dancing, singing, and so much more. So much wisdom, so much inspiration, so much love and passion, I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to have been part of it. A next step on this magical path towards all that was meant for me.

After the conference I traveled to Arenal with a beautiful family I met the first day. We stayed at Essence Arenal, a great place with stunning views of the Arenal volcano and the Arenal lake. We did amazing hikes, had delicious food, and enjoyed our last days in Costa Rica to the fullest.

I sit here thinking about these past three months in Central America and how freaking blessed I am. To have met such beautiful souls. To have visited such amazing places. To have spent time doing the things that make my heart leap. To have had so many opportunities to learn and grow. To give and receive. To inspire and be inspired.
Leaving a place that is dear to me is always a bit sad. But I will be watching the same sun set. I will be kissing the same blue skies. Gazing at the same stars and howling at the same moon.
New adventures await. The pura vida continues.


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