Different yoga styles

For people new to yoga, choosing a class can be challenging if none of the weird Sanskrit names ring a bell…
There are more dynamic and more restorative practices, and styles that combine both. Yet every teacher can add in their own signature…

A selection:

Ashtanga Vinyasa

This is a very dynamic practice where you always repeat the same sequence of movements. Every posture is held for five breaths and you move in a continuous flow from one pose to another. Depending on the pace and whether you move through the entire series or not, the practice can take up to 1,5hours (or more!).


A hatha class will traditionally try to find a balance between movement and stillness, between activation and relaxation, effort and rest. Every class is different, combining postures, breathing exercices, relaxation techniques and maybe music or mantra. It will change according to the teacher, the students, the seasons, etc.


Restorative yoga is a very slow-paced kind of yoga aiming to restore body and mind. With the help of props – blankets, cushions, bolsters, blocks – everyone can find the most comfortable version of a pose, where they can easily relax completely for a couple of minutes.


In yin yoga, postures are held up to a couple of minutes to allow the effect of the pose to work on a deeper level. It can activate energy channels or meridians, and reach connective tissues, ligaments or joints. This more passive, soft style of yoga is a good counterpractice for more dynamic – yang’ – styles, and will be challenging on a whole different level.

Pre- and postnatal

My training with Birthlight broadened my view of what yoga can be and what it can mean in different phases of one’s life. The list of benefits for mom’s-to-be and women after labour, is endless: from dealing with physical ailments and emotional challenges, to easing the birth process and postnatal recovery. Classes are available for anyone, whether you are an experienced yogini or completely new to yoga.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or want to try a class!



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